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Cresco group integrates with governmental and private entities in various agricultural fields. We work in close proximity with internationally renowned Israeli experts in agriculture, who are experienced and have executed a multitude of projects in Israel as well as in numerous countries around the world.

The company executes projects in dairy farming, poultry, egg farming, and various field crops.



Agriculture projects


Seawater Desalination


Dairy Factory


Broiler Farming


Flower Farms


Poultry Commodities





  • Greenhouses

    We offer a broad spectrum of model & function, large & small greenhouses as well as soilless beddings solutions  to suit our clients needs .

Poultry Farming

  • Poultry Farming

    With a growing demand for poultry farming we provide all of our customers needs to suit their specific demands.

    • Construction of layers, broilers, hatchery housing adapted to the specific needs
    • Advanced feeding & climate controlled housing
    • Continuous health management

Cattle Barn

  • Cattle Barn

    Dairy farming is becoming one of the most interesting investments sector in fast developing countries and regions. A large dairy farm is a large business that requires very serious considerations prior to execution. The presented scope and concept are based on the following main concepts:

    • Construction of open ventilated barns, adapted to local condition
    • Modern milking systems
    • Continuous health management
    • Special attention to animals’ welfare
    • Advanced feeding technology and operations
    • Improved breeding
    • Advanced tools for managerial decisions
    • Training of local farms’ staff at all levelsTechnology transfer using different methods

Dairy Factory

  • Dairy Factory

    • Cresco Group dairy project is a facility for receiving and processing of 6,000 liters a day dairy products from raw cow milk. This suggested plan is for a daily production of pasteurized milk and stirred yogurt.
    • The equipment enables to pasteurize milk and produce a wide range of high standard products using reliable equipment, with different capacities.
    • The quantities given can be change according to the customer’s needs depending on the quantity, quality and composition of the available raw milk and marketing considerations.

Seawater Desalination

  • Seawater Desalination

    We base our projects  on a cutting edge Israeli technology that has been successfully implemented in Israel and more than 20 other countries for years now.  This process will provide an uninterrupted supply of water in a way that is safer, more reliable, fast to deploy  and cost efficient, than any other solution.  It can easily accommodate many needs, including:

    • Water for Human Use (sweet water: up to 1 million litters daily!)
    • Water for Resort Use – ongoing water supply for a luxuries resort
    • Water for Agricultural


  • Flower Farms

    With an ever-growing demand for flowers all over the world, we provide everything our customers need

    • climate controlled greenhouses
    • watering solutions
    • lighting solutions

Solar Energy Project

  • Solar Energy Project

    With a growing demand for clean & renewable energy we provide the latest innovative technology to suit our customers every need

Aquaculture farms

  • Fish Farms

    We offer a practical, cost-effective and commercially viable fish farming model that recognizes and addresses the economic needs.

    We can provide offshore marine fish farming & inland fish farming .